Swedish Wine Writers Association

Established in 1990

Welcome to Swedish
Wine Writers Association

Swedish Wine Writers Association was established in 1990 as a non-profit forum for Sweden’s seriously working wine journalists and wine writers.

Our approximately 70 members aspire to promote a good Swedish beverage culture, journalistic ambition, ethics, integrity and an active, independent access to consumer information.

The Swedish Wine Writers Association also serves as a meeting place for the beverage trade through providing membership for other actors in this field.

We are united in our love of wine as an expression of culture and we contribute to a strong increase of interest in wine focusing on the experience, not intoxication.

Welcome to our website – and cheers!

About us

Swedish Wine Writers’ Association, Association Suédoise des Journalists de Vin, Verband der Schwedischen Weinjournalisten was established in 1990. The Association shall act as a platform and link for the members as well as promoting good Swedish drinking culture. It should also act as platform for the members in the contact with embassies, suppliers, producers and other interests in the beverage trade.

The Swedish Wine Writers Association has today about 70 writing members regularly reviewing new releases as well as other wines on the market. This makes the association cover almost all professional winewriters in Sweden. Apart from these the association also holds a great number of associated members who acts in the interest of the association.


The purpose of the association is to act as a non-profit
organization and to;

  1. Promote a good Swedish drinking culture
  2. Spread information and knowledge about wines and other beverages, in order to strengthen the quality awareness among Swedish consumers
  3. Act as an organization for the interest of the members, for the benefit of professional writers and for their future
  4. Act in obedience with prevalent journalistic and ethical rules
  5. Promote education among of its members
  6. Act as a platform for the members in contacts with suppliers, producers, the monopoly Systembolaget and other interests in the beverage trade
  7. Increase awareness of the positive side of alcohol consumption as well as the negative effects and the harm it can cause
  8. Objectively promote widening of the wine supply in Sweden

With this background the membership is regulated according to the charter in the way that follows:

An ordinary member should regularly be published within the association’s area of interest either through articles in newspapers, magazines, other media or other brand neutral information with a quality of the content that shows journalistic ambition, width, independence and skill.

An associated member can be (1) a person, association or a company who is acting in the interest of The Swedish Wine Writers Association without any demands or compensation, (2) responsible for information related to the field of interest of the association.


"A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine."

-French saying

"Wine delights the human heart"

-Book of Psalms

"Old wine and old friends are best."


Board and officials

Per Styregård,
Acting chair

Christian Stoijkovic,

Marie Oskarsson,

Caroline Edgren,

Richard Sigray,

Maria Collsiöö,
Wine Cellar

Karsten Thurfjell
Vice chair

Contact us

You are most welcome to contact the Swedish Wine Writers Association for enquiries or with suggestions.

Please e-mail us direct using: per@styregard.com or
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For membership list and financial issues, please refer to Marie Oskarsson at